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A quick news roundup of Liverpool history

Liverpool Landscapes was a blog charting new discoveries, news and developments affecting Liverpool's historic environment. It was regularly updated between 2007 and 2016.

Liverpool Landscape has now been retired, and most of the less time-dependent articles moved to Historic Liverpool.

Sugar Silo & Conveyor, Huskisson Dock, Liverpool

Sugar Silo & Conveyor, Huskisson Dock, Liverpool, by David Barrie via Flickr

Hello! It looks like my hopes for getting the second historic maps article to you this week have come to nought. It’s amazing how much time arranging a wedding soaks up!

So, before I head off on honeymoon, as I can’t bring you the usual detail of stories, I’ll resort to the bulleted list:

  • The BBC have shown archive footage of the 1960 fire in Henderson’s department store. A link to the Inside Out programme which showed the footage is available from the BBC Liverpool article on the fire.
  • One of the earliest railway tunnels – Bourne tunnel in Rainhill – has been listed at Grade II. Buildings are listed if they are of nationally significant architectural value.

Well, I hope that can tide you over until mid-April, when I return. I promise much more exciting articles in the weeks and months to come, on all aspects of the history of the city of Liverpool. Until then: au revoir.