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New Appearance for Historic Liverpool

The Liverpool Landscape blog has now been retired, and most of the mosts move to Historic Liverpool.

You should be redirected automatically in a few moments, but if not, please click here to see if New Appearance for Historic Liverpool has made the transition.

If you see an error message on the new site, this page has been removed altogether. Please use the search tool to explore atHistoric Liverpool at your leisure.

Screenshot of Historic Liverpool with a new Drupal theme

Historic Liverpool with its new Drupal theme

Just thought I’d write a short note to let you know that the appearance of Historic Liverpool has changed!

I’ve changed the colour scheme – the Drupal Theme for those web developers out there – because there were some issues with the last one. I’ve still got to do a bit of tweaking to make sure my particular content fits the new clothes. It’s mostly the same, however, so all the menus and text haven’t changed.

I’d like to know what you think. It feels a bit more professional than the last one, and I really like the way it looks, but the most important opinions are those of the people who use it, so do let me know what you think.

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