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A new final draft website

The Liverpool Landscape blog has now been retired, and most of the mosts move to Historic Liverpool.

You should be redirected automatically in a few moments, but if not, please click here to see if A new final draft website has made the transition.

If you see an error message on the new site, this page has been removed altogether. Please use the search tool to explore atHistoric Liverpool at your leisure.

This blog is the companion to, a website about the history, growth and expansion of the city of Liverpool, and the surrounding area. That website has been in production for about four years, on and off, with too many false starts and rewrites for a sane man to handle. But now the bare bones of the site are there: all the links should work, you can find out a hell of a lot about the city and its suburbs, and it shouldn’t look too shoddy either.

Please visit and take a look around, and if you like what you see, or have any suggestions for how I should be developing this website, then please send me an email. Of course, if you’d like to encourage my love of Liverpool history, take a look at my Amazon Wish List!

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