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Liverpool’s decline, it’s resurgence and it’s celebration

Some of Liverpool’s most fascinating history comes out of its darkest days, and to look back on it summons feelings of fascination, astonishment, but maybe even a little nostalgia for ‘simpler’ times. The links in this edition of the blog cover those times, as well as the vibrant history community that is alive and well on the web today. Read more

The Week in Liverpool

Still from a recent Hovis ad, filmed in Liverpool

From a recent Hovis advert, filmed in Liverpool

After last weekend’s exciting Heritage Open Days, there’s been a bit of a lull in history-related things this week. However, in traditional web log style, here are a couple of links you’ll find interesting:

  • Capital or Culture: you decide – “A new documentary is being shot in the city – and city creatives are invited to take part. The question: what did the Capital of Culture ever do for you?” (from the wonderful Seven Streets blog);
  • Liverpool Adverts: a couple of adverts you may or may not have noticed were filmed in Liverpool. My biggest surprise – that class Coca Cola ad was filmed in St. George’s Hall! (also from Severn Streest, with contributions).
  • Memorial garden marks burial site of Williamson Tunnels creator – a memorial garden for the Mole of Edge Hill has been completed. (From the Liverpool Echo.)

Well, that’s all folks for now. See you next week!

Liverpool’s comic past – defying the cynics

I just watched A Comics Tale, narrated by Alan Bleasdale. It’s part of the BBC’s Liverpool season, and concentrated on Liverpool’s comic past, and was filmed in 1981. Throughout, it trumpeted Scousers’ humour, how it brought them through the bread strikes (“aweful tha’, everyone down the Pier Head in pigeon suits”).  Even though it maintained that tone throughout, always highlighting the problems (Toxteth, unemployment), right at the end, Bleasdale’s narrative suggested ‘we’re dying, but at least we think we’re going out in style’. So it seems that whatever other people think, we thought it first! What’s more, it shows that whatever people say, they’ll always be proved wrong by Liverpool’s determination and stubbornness.

Now on BB4 is a programme about the men who run the Magical Mystery Tour, which is the psychedelic rainbow bus I used to see driving past my school a decade ago.