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Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a great holiday and are raring to go! 😉

2009 was a great year, and this blog really got going – thanks to all my readers, over 1000 of you in November! I hope to make 2010 even better, and try to develop the blog in some way to make it more interesting. I’ll be writing more posts on Liverpool’s history and landscape, as well as commenting on the news like I’ve been doing so far. Remember, though, that all the interesting headlines are shown on the right. If you’re an avid Twitterer, then you can also follow every update at @histliverpool. I’ll be posting news items, links to new blog posts, and any progress with Historic Liverpool (I promise I haven’t forgotten that in all the blog excitement!).

It’s World Museum Liverpool’s 250th anniversary this year, so even more reason to celebrate – why not visit it again to stretch your leg and brain muscles after Christmas?

Also, the Stephen Shakeshaft exhibition ‘Liverpool People‘ is on until 24th January. I visited over Christmas and really enjoyed it! What some Scousers had to endure over the twentieth century is unbelievable, and to keep a sensa yuma throughout just about sums up Merseyside’s attitude to life!

If there’s anything you’d like to see on this blog, do let me know, but otherwise just keep reading and commenting!