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First stage in multi-billion pound Wirral redevlopment

Liverpool Landscapes was a blog charting new discoveries, news and developments affecting Liverpool's historic environment. It was regularly updated between 2007 and 2016.

Liverpool Landscape has now been retired, and most of the less time-dependent articles moved to Historic Liverpool.

Last year proposals were revealed to turn Merseyside into the “next Shanghai”. Now the first phase of the ‘Wirral Waters‘ project has been submitted to Wirral County Council for approval. This is just the first step, aimed to spark further investment, and will involve the refurbishment of the Central Hydraulic Tower at Seacombe.

Work has started on a controversial plan to build dozens of houses in Edge Hill.

CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment), the government’s official advisor in all matters architectural, has refused to support the proposals for the redevelopment of Edge Lane, because they would “not meet key objectives“, and crucially would not improve the ‘gateway’ into the city. The scheme has long been opposed by local residents and councillors.

Joint plans by Everton FC and Tesco to build a stadium and superstore in Kirkby face opposition in the form of a political party formed by local residents. The ‘First For Kirkby’ group have put forward nominations in all six wards in Kirkby. A spokesman for Kirkby Residents Action Group (KRAG) said it was ‘an opportunity for people to have their say because our request for a referendum was turned down”.