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New listings for city centre buildings

The Liverpool Landscape blog has now been retired, and most of the mosts move to Historic Liverpool.

You should be redirected automatically in a few moments, but if not, please click here to see if New listings for city centre buildings has made the transition.

If you see an error message on the new site, this page has been removed altogether. Please use the search tool to explore atHistoric Liverpool at your leisure.

To highlight Liverpool’s important Georgian built heritage, two buildings in the town centre have been listed. The town houses, on Dale and York Streets, are rare survivals of the new types of retail space developing at the time, and are two of only a few examples seen outside London.

However, Wayne Colquhoun,  founder of the Liverpool Preservation Trust, is generally pessimistic about the way Liverpool looks after its Georgian terraces.

Barclay’s Bank, Water Street, and 57 Parr Street are on a list of buildings with connections to slavery, whose listing details have been updated to better reflect their infamous links. Other candidates on the list include buildings in Bristol, Leeds, Cambridge and Hull. The list was announced by Margaret Hodge, and put together with the help of English Heritage.

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